bodywise-2ESAC-Group-2ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center is located in East Sacramento, just minutes from beautiful McKinley Park and Sacramento’s historic district. The Center provides a broad spectrum of educational, career, and holistic health services, events, and a boutique to support healthy lifestyle and longevity.  

ESAC was founded in 2000 by Bette Jeu Biederman in memory of her family. After losing her father, mother, brother,  colleagues, and many friends to cancer, Bette redirected her sadness and mobilized her feelings of helplessness into action.

Bette is a passionate advocate for cancer research and prevention, health and wellness, education and achievement.  Teachers have a statistically higher breast cancer rate and stress level than the general population, Bette was personally selected to participate in the A+ California Teachers Study to longevitysupport breast cancer research and prevention. Developed by the California Department of Health Services, the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, and the University of California, the study has followed 133,479 current and former public school teachers and administrators since 1995. Bette also networks with and supports the Breast Cancer Fund of San Francisco, which provides extensive findings related to environmental cancers, and the National Cancer Prevention Coalition.    

Bette is a champion of Dan Buettner’s Blue Zone secrets to living a longer, healthier life. ESAC’s offerings incorporate these nine practical principles that help us feel younger, sharper, lighter, and extend our lives.  

1. Move naturally. Work around the house, garden, walk, dance!

2. Know your purpose. Have a reason for waking up each day. Share your passions and talents with others.

3. Relax. Find time each day to meditate, nap, read, pray, laugh.

4. Eat less. Cut 20% of your calories. Stop eating when you are full.

5. Enjoy a plant-based diet. Fill up on beans, nuts, and greens. Eat meat in small portions just twice a week.

6. Drink in moderation. People who have two glasses of wine a day generally live longer.

7. Place family first. Commit to a partner, invest time with your kids and parents, live close to your family.

8. Connect to Spirit. Denomination doesn’t matter, but attending faith-based gatherings 4 times a month increases longevity up to 14 years.

9. Find your tribe. Building a healthy-minded, supportive social network may be one of the most powerful things you can do to increase your happiness and add years to your life.

Bette anticipates ESAC will become an epicenter and model emphasizing a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness and prevention staffed by exemplary, culturally-diverse practitioners.

ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center
225 30th Street (and C Street)
Sacramento, CA 95816
Open for events and by appointment

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